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Mary Jo

Jimmy the Story of Boys Growing Up with the Freedom to Explore. 
It is Hilarious and Unique.

                           Hardbound Book with Dust Cover 695 Pages

                                      & in iBook Format etc

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Our Story to Get To The Story

James Gerdeman wrote Jimmy as a project conceived by his wife, Mary Jo, during a time where work caused him to temporarily relocate for a number of years.  Hours were shared on the patio and during dinners out telling the funny stories of Jim’s youth.  She thought a collection of these talks would be entertaining.  Jim used his idle time while away from home to develop the stories and she helped by recalling many of the episodes.

The problem with remote work is that you are separated by geographic distance and trips home costs.  If the distance is not easily drivable, time becomes the factor along with costs.  Airplane trips are expensive even when purchased ahead of time. A weekend is short when most is used up traveling.  The costs of too frequent returns can eat up any advantage of having a job to begin with.

Moving to Maryland was an option but Jim did not work in Maryland.  He was sent to support projects in California, New Jersey and Florida.  Mary Jo and Jim decided to split the duties and location until they could sort out what was best to do.  This meant being away from each other for long periods.  This was an idea neither cherished.  It did mean they could keep their home and the money from the job did help.

Mary Jo and Jim have made the best of a not too good situation.  They have been together for a long time and both of them have celebrated their being together again.

Something Special

Back porch conversations and dinners out helped us think this project was worthy.

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The Story

The background of how the story was concieved.

Special Pictures

Here is a picture of our family.





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