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RFID Changing Lives
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Book shows progress made in IVHS & ITS Programs using RFID.


RFID is GREEN Tool!                            Call Jim for Speaking Engagements

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Rail, Intermodal, Fleet, Airports, Electronic Tolls, Retail and More


Rail helps us stay GREEN with productive shipping!
ETC,  keeps us GREEN by keeping us moving!
Gate systems improve security and is GREEN!
Fleet Management saves fuel withGREEN option!
Even GREEN shows up at Airports!

Better productivity & efficiency=RFID!

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, is responsible tremendous progress made in several of our nation’s sectors.  Railroads used it to help them identify rail cars on mainline tracks and then built applications to improve the productivity of their systems.  The Intermodal Containers were tagged to offer better control and customer service.  Fleets use it to speed freight across the nation and governments insure the safety and credentials while allowing fast passage through weigh stations.  Electronic Toll Systems improve our travel by allowing faster passage through toll plazas and increasing road usage.  Fleets gain efficiencies and security.  Airports gain from the benefits on both the air side and ground sides.  Productivity is gained for our benefit.  Our lives are changed by the use of the technology.

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RFID Radio Frequency Identification

AVI  Automatic Vehicle Identification

AEI  Automatic Equipment Identification

DSRC Dedicated Short Range Communications

Hardbound Book with Dust Cover 264 Pages

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Read the Lessons Learned
         and there is more to come

When new technology is introduced into the systems of our life there are more than just a few things to overcome.  Early versions of the company products may not be totally tested and corrected and RFID is not any different.  New requirements are discovered almost immediately and then there are just the limitations of human beings to overcome.

There is more.  The technology advances and creativity produces tweaks in the system features needed to increase productivity.  The revolution of the paper thin tag has now opened doors for totally new opportunities.  It is still an exciting time for RFID.  

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