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Great for Junior High to Executive High!

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Jobs are an important topic for most individuals. This work is a tool to understand a variety of jobs, see examples of pitfalls that can come along the way, and hear from professionals about qualities needed to be successful in their chosen work.

“Jobettes” are those jobs taken by the youth of America. Examples of these are shown for the reader to glean experienced based on Jim’s own experience in his youth. His early experience from being a bagboy to cook at a fancy restaurant, or his lawn mowing business and more are meant to stimulate ideas for jobs and offers lessons for experience.

Jobs taken between college years offer unique description and show the determination it takes to forge on in a competitive environment. Jobs during the school are given as well. The sacrifices needed and the flexibility required to compete in this environment is highlighted to show options.

A trip through career decisions show the reader that there are ups and downs in life and the individual must address the issues head on.

Jobs taken by friends and others are used as examples to show some real life situations that point out the need to be watchful. It is an opportunity to gain life experience in a time capsule of the book.

Over fifty successful individuals from all walks of life offer their hints to the good things and bad in the workplace. Read these every year to renew your own thoughts on being successful.

Jim has been a systems engineer, technical manager, integration support manager, owner of a company, and instructor for staff, middle management and executives. He has written several books and instruction manuals on technical subjects. He also has been published in trade magazines.

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Great book for all ages to understand jobs!

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