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Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action


James Gerdeman has written a play that provides insights about the Equal Rights and Affirmative Action Laws using real experience in his Equal Opportunity Management position as an office worker here in the United States of America. This play shows how corporate America reacted to the new laws that attempted to make everyone free to pursue happiness. The play emphasizes the heroic actions of Martin Luther King and others in peaceful protests. It shows the frustration of the times. And the impact on Corporate America.


You can review this work by ordering a copy of the play’s script “Red Shirt Equal Rights Play.”  Our partner, LuLu prints these on demand. 

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To acquire the rights to produce the play and charge admission to viewers follow this procedure. You have options to order the rights to perform based in part by the number of times you plan to show it.

  • Order one or multiple single performances licenses Click here. (Order the number of licenses you wish to perform by selecting and adding to your cart. If 3 times is needed order 3 copies)  Our partner, LuLu prints these on demand.

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