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Mary Jo

Constitution Commandments

Well illustrated 268 pages of hardbound fun

Also available in eBook format


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Our Government has run amuck.

This book compares the Ten Commandments to the actions of the US Government.  Our government has proven by their actions that they cannot handle their responsibilities.  They have increased debt, not balanced budgets and not approved budgets.  They are out of control. Term Limits are needed to insure that the representatives do not hijack the power of the government for personal gains.  The Founding Fathers predicted they would run amuck. Multiple terms should not run consecutively. Politically Correct as a concept must be obliterated. Negative ads should immediately be followed by the opponent’s view. We are a mature country and as such the representatives do not need to develop more laws.  For example, we have multiple laws describing murder. The government must be fiscally sound.  They have gotten us into a financial nightmare.  Our committees generate laws that are not needed and the lobbyists have taken over. As a mature nation it is time to trim the fat and restructure.

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