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Song Writer Extraordinaire
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Jim Gerdeman/Mercy James Writes/Lives Rock n Roll


Creative, Funny, Inspirational

Comedy & Tragedy

Knows Rock n roll

Has written 100’s of songs

Lyrics & Arrangement a Total Package

Material Immediately Available Now

Mercy James is a singer/songwriter committed to writing and producing interesting music.


Sure, limited budgets have kept his do-it-yourself productions from being heard by the mega-masses.  Still, his vision has often pre-dated musical trends and his musical integrity has remained intact. 


Pocket-cult followings have emerged and the critics have taken notice.  Local shows all over Florida and Boston have played much of his material.


The time for you to record is on the horizon.

Contact Jim and let him know what you need for your next recording session.

Listen to his "Sunsetting," "Another Desperate Mile," "the best of mercy james"

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