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Jim Likes to Speak about his Books and Other Topics


Jim is a dynamic speaker on a variety of topics.  He has an engineering degree from the University of Dayton.  That has given him a great background to combine with life at IBM, ACS, and Raytheon to develop speaking skills.  Among his various career paths Jim has been a Teacher for IT Topics, Instructor for Radar Speed and Traffic Light Enforcement, and has introduced products.  He has spoken on various technology subjects at conferences and business shows.  His audiences range in size from a few to several hundred people.

In this political season, hear Jim speak on Congress & Commandments;  Tea Party Up To Task; Fiscal Responsibilities and more. 

Of course Jim likes to speak about his books but he also would speak to the subject of book production and authorship.  He has several topics listed below that are of particular interest and topical in our world today. 


Remember Jim will speak about his books and the subjects they represent.  He also is available for talks on Photo Red Light and Photo Speed Control Systems. 

Contact Jim at his Cell Phone 786-256-8902 or email him.

Email Jim


Have some fun with Jim and his books.

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