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Mary Jo

Mary Jo is an amazing person.  She is a Wife, Mother, Partner, Friend. 

Here is a quick look

Mary Jo was raised in Lancaster, Ohio.  She graduated from Boardman High School in Boardman, Ohio.  M.J. attended Bowling Green State University where she met her future husband Jim.


She is a daughter, a wife, a mother of three grown children, a mother in law and  (so far) a grandmother of three precious children.


Various non profit organizations interest her and so her numerous volunteer hours have stretched into years of service.  The one closest to her heart has always been, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church.


Some of her favorite times are spent with her family and childhood friends.  Swimming, biking and various sports have always been a big part of her life.  She also enjoys gardening, baking and entertaining as well as attending concerts and plays.


She always says that the blessings of her life include being born an American, her family, a bouquet of daisies and a fresh cup of coffee.

Mary Jo Loves Music By Mercy James

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