Tea Party Steeps For A Stronger America

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Scary Things Are Happening With Our Government
It is time to take our Government Back


Politics for the busy American

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We are one nation under God.  Our country was founded on the right for religious freedom.  The politicians have driven us to split and there is no discussion between parties.  They have the people fighting amongst ourselves. Congress has spent beyond our means.  We need fiscal responsibility.  Fix current problems, balance budget and no new programs.  Taxes hurt our financial ability to expand. 

By The People For The People and Of The People


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Politics has developed and evolved into a thing that many of us do not recognize as a desired thing. Politicians lie to each other and us and somehow we are to think that is “Only Political.”  Most of us think it is just dishonest.  Many think we need to be politically correct but conservatives think it simply gets in the way of honesty.  We foster freedom of speech but there are words that someone or something says are off limits.  Conservatives probably would not use them but think everyone should have the right to say them.  Conservatives think you can say anything under freedom of speech but once spoken may find you have broken a law.  Treason is still treason.  We allow “them” to separate our parties with “Freedom of Choice,” when we all know it is about something totally different.  We elected the President when he was an answer to solving our racial divide but found out who are the racists in our midst. Yet we know it is time to declare the game of “race card” as over. Just be equal.  Conservatives have knowledge that “you do not spend what you do not have,” yet our Congress spends at rates that are wrong.  They think they have money growing on trees.  We nominate, vote for our candidates and they forget the people and turn to lobbyists for guidance. We really do not need anymore laws but they must make them for they have to perform the committee ritual or feel slighted.  We find that things for the common good, has shifted to greedy personal monetary source of wealth and power for our elected.  Our country was formed under God yet some would destroy that for more pagan and brutal ways.  We are busy with our families and our daily struggles to survive but it is time we take hold and reset before our politicians destroy our inalienable right to pursue happiness. 

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