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Mary Jo

Family Fun that everone can enjoy is FISHING!  read Jimmy Goes Fishing 

    All of us can go fishing so enjoy it.

                                Hardbound Book 180 Pages Dust Cover & iBook etc

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I want everyone to experience the non-threatening bliss when young boys go fishing.  Fishing is fun for everyone but when little boys set out to catch the Monster of Big Bend it can get to be hilarious.  These guys get creative when they need to earn money to buy new fishing poles.  James Gerdeman wants everyone to have fun as they read the antics with family and friends. 

Read Jimmy Goes Fishing.

James Gerdeman has combined the use of family photos to accentuate the catch and the antics of his brothers and him to promote the sport of fishing with family and friends. 


Thank God Megan Loves to Fish


Family photos include trips to Canada, Grand Lake and The Great Lakes.  The walk to Plum Creek with the mystery of Big Bend offers a tinge of excitement for the lazy days of summer. Booker’s Pond has both embarrassing and sentimental episodes.  Vehicle trip to the lakes and rivers of Ohio and Michigan provide good old fashion fun for all.

Jimmy Goes Fishing  is a derivative work from Mr. Gerdeman’s Jimmy a story about four boys growing up in Kalida, Ohio in the 50’s.  New adventures have been added to accentuate the fun fishing can be.

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Fishing Okeechobee or Lake Erie is fun
Rivers, canals and Lakes are as well.

Kidds love to fish.
The kid in all of us loves to fish.
Take that kid fishing.

Reading is fun and books about boys having fun is even greater.

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