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Celebrate 100 Years of Scouting with Jimmy the Scout!!

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James Gerdeman has combined the use of photos from family and friends to accentuate the activities of Scouts.  2% of all scouts reach the rank of Eagle Scout and there is a special section dedicated to them.  Quotes from Scouts of all ages shows that the memories we hold near are dearly set in our minds. The stories of brothers creating merit badges and following the Boy Scout Handbook given to them by a thoughtful neighbor creates the backdrop for fun.  Jimmy the Scout is in conjunction with Lulu, the world’s provider of print-on-demand books.

Jimmy The Scout  is a derivative work from Mr. Gerdeman’s Jimmy a story about four boys growing up in Kalida, Ohio in the 50’s.  New adventures have been added to accentuate the fun of Scouting.  This book is meant for preteens and older.  Check it out.

Hardbound Book 180 Pages with Dust Cover

Scouts celebrate 100 years and James Gerdeman has a tribute to them in new book Jimmy the Scout.  What makes this unique is a special blend of quotes from Scouts of all ages, pictures of Scouting and Gerdeman’s own experience trying to earn merit badges with his brother without the help of a Scout Master.   These guys get creative when they need to earn badges.  James Gerdeman wants everyone to have fun as they read the antics with family and friends.  Read Jimmy the Scout.






Books are so much fun.  This book is about the innocent fun of boys growing up with the freedom to explore.  The bonus is the pictures of Scouts and the quotes provided.  They show the impact we have in the Scouting experience.

Click below to go to Lulu and my store front to order your print on demand copies. 

Order Jimmy the Scout Here

You will enjoy this.  Buy multiple copies for the Scouts in your life or just for interested parties.

Fathers, Grandparents and the little boy in all of us will love reading this book.

Buy the Jimmy Series of Books for healthy clean fun.

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