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Middle American Heros    Available Now!

Hardbound with Dust Cover and in Paperback  316 Pages
              & in iBook format

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James Gerdeman tells the story of real life situations that shows people can make progress when given a chance.  Using examples of his own life experiences he shows how people are accountable for their actions and how people form opinions based on observations they make.  The difficulty of meeting Affirmative Action Goals is described using creative examples that show the give and take from both ends of the equation.  This essay of real life experiences includes direct personal snippets, TV images, and actions of Middle America.  The publication of White on Black Veneer is in conjunction with Lulu, the fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.


Get a historical perspective for progress

Has Progress been made in the Black Communities?  Was Equal Opportunity Enough?  Did Affirmative Action do its job? We have gone from slavery to Presidential Candidate but is that progress?  Find out in White on Black Veneer.

This book is available now!   It's a nice gift for Black History Month or anytime.

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These anecdotal stories help the reader see the real heroes in the story.

This book Is fun and has some serious stuff too

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