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Jimmy's Favorite Christmas Stories

            Hardbound Book 200 Pages With Dust Cover & iBook etc

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Jimmy’s Favorite Christmas Stories is an autobiographical based and creatively enhanced set of stories of Christmas.  These heart warming accounts of actual Christmas seasons, provides stimuli for the reader to enjoy the season.  Traditional practices are blended with new to show the loving and practical side to developing the Christmas spirit.  Santa Claus stars in several of the accounts and the technology of Christmas develops across the years. Stories of Grandma’s Jar, The Negligee, Women’s Club $2.00 Santa, South Florida Santa and more crams the spirit of the season to delightfully entertaining reading. Read Jimmy’s Favorite Christmas Stories.

James Gerdeman wrote Jimmy’s Favorite Christmas Stories as a project in honor of his family.  The collection of stories are based on real Christmas Seasons.  The stories are new and relate to the life shared while living in three different states and two chapters are also provided from his Jimmy, the book about his youth.
We decorate, cook, prepare the day. 
Mail cards with right things to say. 
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Wrap & send with love & good cheer.

Find situations with Santa Claus, Family and Friends that will make you recall your own spirit of Christmas.  Santa's helpers are really something to read about. 

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There is a lot going on at Christmas Time

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The Christmas Season Is The Best Time of the Year, Snuggle In and Enjoy the Stories.

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