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Press Releases JDGerdeman, Gerdeman, RFID, Jimmy
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Press Releases

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09/30/2015 Want a Job? Want a Career?

09/22/2015 Red Shirt Equal Rights Play

01/29/2015 Red Shirt Equal Opportunity Play Written

10/02/2014 James Gerdeman Writes "Jimmy's Favorite Christmas Stories II"

08/23/2014 James Gerdeman writes "Jimmys Favorite Christmas Stories"

11/15/2012 eBook Version of "Jimmy Goes Fishing"

06/14/2012 Constitution Commandmends

12/17/2011 Author Offers Millions of eBook Readers

09/22/2011 Gerdeman & Lulu create iBook Career Tools

07/07/2011 Author, JD Gerdeman, Creates YouTube Videos of US Budget Concerns to Capture Traffic

06/24/2011 Author Uses Sense of Humor to Develop UTube for Each Book

11/17/2010 Jimmy Goes Hunting

11/11/2010 Jimmy Goes Fishing

06/30/2010 Author Sculptures Web Page to Stimulate Business

09/22/2010 Tea Party Steeps for a Stronger America

06/16/2010 Book Honors Scout's 100 Years

10/01/2009 RFID Changing Lives

01/23/2009 Smoke Signals You Too Can Quit Goes Digital

06/16/2009 Your Career Tools and Strategic Solutions

09/07/2007 Jimmy New Book About Brothers in Kalida

11/27/2007 Jimmy Reviewed By Georgia Hart

06/26/2008 Jimmy Comments Thumbs Up

09/25/2008 White on Black Veneer

08/14/2008 Smoke Signals You Too Can Quit

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